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Multiple Submission Allowed

I would like to know if
(i) one user can submit multiple applications in different or same category?.
(ii) The early submission prize is for only one application from a user or if a user submit multiple applications before early submission date then all eligible applications can win early submission prize?
(iii) If multiple submission allowed, then can one domain hold more than one application or each application must have a separate registered domain?



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    An individual participant or a member of a team may submit more than one project to the Contest but must register each project separately in accordance with the three steps described below. Each project will be evaluated independently.

    Step One: Participants must register for the Contest (either as an individual or on behalf of a team of individuals) at https://blockstack.devpost.com and provide all requested information.

    Step Two: Participants must build an application using Blockstack authentication.

    Step Three: Before the end of the Submission Period, participants must submit their application to Blockstack using the online submission function on the DevPost page and register the application for App Mining using the form located at app.co/submit, filling in all information, and writing "Can't Be Evil" in the "How did you learn about App.co or App Mining?" field.

    All three steps must be completed to be deemed an eligible entry. For more contest rules. Please see this link https://community.blockstack.org/evil-rules

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    Hello Louise , thanks for your answer. I just need two more clarification.

    (1) If I host my app on Netlify ( e.g. https://musing-jennings-9a8c76.netlify.com/) or AWS ( free tier) without having a custom domain name for the app will it be eligible for the Hackathon or I need to purchase a Custom Domain Name to connect to connect to the app ?

    (2) If I buy a custom domain name then Can I use subdomains for different apps?

    Thanks for the support

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    Hey Saleem!

    1) No, please review the eligibility requirements posted on the page here --> https://community.blockstack.org/evil, apps must have a custom domain.

    2) Technically you can do this, however, the point of requiring a custom domain is really to maximize accessibility and marketability to your users. If they are distinct enough apps to be considered different for the contest and for App Mining, they likely should have their own sites with distinct brands and descriptions.

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    Ok, I got it now . I will connect my app with Custom Domain Name.
    thank you very much.

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    please can you confirm (ii) in Saleems original post?
    i.e. If I follow all submission steps that Louise Ivan has outlined for TWO different projects by the early submission date, am I eligible for 2 x $500 bonus prize? Assuming, of course, that they are both completed by the final submission date..

  • Manager   •   over 3 years ago

    If they are distinct apps and they are both successfully entered into App Mining, then the bonus will be awarded to each app.

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