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over 3 years ago

App Mining Program + Early Submission = $$

We hope you are well on your way to a winning submission!  Remember, for your app to be eligible for the Blockstack: Can’t Be Evil challenge, your app must qualify for App Mining.  

What is App Mining?

App Mining is an early stage program for developers. In this program, application developers register their application on Then, each month, application developers get paid depending on a quality ranking as assessed by expert independent App Reviewers.

App Mining is a unique opportunity to bootstrap an idea in the nascent market of decentralized applications and to receive valuable feedback and market validation early on.

What qualifies my app to compete in App Mining?

  • Your app should integrate Blockstack authentication for logging into your app.
  • Your finished app should be available to the public for use.
  • The application must use a registered domain name and the app should be hosted at a URL belonging to the domain.
  • The app website must use a secured (https) connection.

In the future, App Mining may reward apps that have taken steps to further decentralize, such as utilizing Gaia storage or the publishing your app to the Blockstack Naming System. Test flight apps, hello-world apps and apps created through blockstack tutorials (e.g., animal kingdom apps) do not qualify.

The great part about App Mining is, whether or not you win a Can’t Be Evil Contest prize, you will still earn every 30 days as part of the program. In total, Blockstack pays out $100k via App Mining every month.

Check out the full details and get your App Mining Starter Kit here.

IMPORTANT: Starting your submission can earn you even more!  Don’t forget that submitting early (by June 5 at 11:45pm EST), you will earn a $500 cash bonus. You will still be able to continue working on your app until the final June 30th deadline as well! The $500 bonus will be paid upon final entry submission. (see website for full details)


If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.